Top New Years Resolutions for 2019

2018 fireworks resolution

Everyone is talking about the Top New Years resolutions for this coming 2019, and that’s great but honestly I had read only an 8% of the world complete this list. It’s actually like doing diet, we begin with energy, and then 3 days later we skip a day like nothing, Let’s go back to the track… and so on, ending in March with same weight!!

I was thinking about making another post about resolutions for next year, and then I looked info and other blogs, check all my Insta Followers and everywhere you see, are resolutions, like losing 20 pounds, do more exercise, get a better job, travel around the world, finish a book monthly, etc, etc it seems like a boring must do list.

However everything is routine, if you don’t know how to do it, here is an idea on how to start a healthy habit and stick with it

I posted in my personal Instagram a one minute video of my pictures from facebook, and all I want is a little of it. Love, Family, good times, bad times, experiences, spiritual growing, happiness, exploring new places and so on. Sure I want to lose 20 pounds… but it doesn’t make me happy, is more like a punish the whole process or sweating like a dog while burning calories at the gym. Some people may love this, but I don’t.

Bucket List of 2019

I rather choose what makes me happy instead, something like a Bucket List of 2019 so my Top New Years resolution become to something exciting where I can set a list of the things I would like, without feeling bad about it.

Let’s say:

  • Swimming with my son at the beach
  • Visiting Catania in Italy and have a real pizza
  • Get 500 followers in my Insta
  • Work and make money with things that I like and I’m passionate
  • Dance under the stars
  • Sled next christmas in Park City, Utah with my friend Andrea
  • Celebrate I’m divorced with a new boyfriend…lol why not?
  • Drive with my Mom to Perpignan and repeat time alone
  • Watch a movie on the movie theater…seems like something easy but with a toddler and no help…means no time off
  • Write a book (half way through) and sell it
  • Go to Marruecos with my brother
  • Make friends, real ones, not only virtual friends
  • Enjoy good times with my daughter
  • Move to Malaga area and live there!
  • Drive a motorcycle.

So what are your plans?  Are you thinking to write a list of fictitious things or possible ones that make you feel alive instead?


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