Oh Magic Moon, magic love, where are you?

What a beautiful Moon, I felt the magic and then I was inspired to write from my soul… Do you have one of those moments?

Here it is, I hope you guy´s like it!


Did you see last night moon?

Gold and huge

she was named Artemis, Aphrodite,

Isis, Morgana, Selene…

Goddess of femininity

involves everybody who watche´s her

hidden at the universe

sometimes I just feel like her,

admired for everyone

simply beautiful


but lonely

trapped by jail of customs,

desires, fears…

She is secretly in love

of the Sun

but is hard to catch him;

the universe is so big

but only one fire star 

makes her vibrate.

Every night she waits 

until the Sun appears on the horizon.

She waits patiently 

praying for be the only one. 

What happen with the time

that flies away

 and the fact that chances

 to find the right person are lesser?

While the moon waits

the love

become impossible

to get

because we transform it

in something 


And the Moon 

still on the Universe

spelling with her magic 

to all of us.

Is like human´s until we match our  heart it just takes time, illusion´s and love away…


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