Hotel or House? When travelling what is better to rent?

rent an hotel or house

Choosing the right place to stay with your kids…

Rent an Hotel or a House?


When travelling what do you take in consideration to book for your trip a Hotel or a House? Rent an Hotel or a House can have many Pro’s. We all love hotels to stay when we travel, but sometimes with kids can be a little hassle.

I usually check different websites to find ideal price/quality for the days and the family I’m bringing with me… the rural escapes are now the best way of travelling, because you get to rent a full house, with a great price for the whole week while your kids have their own room or just place to play along while you have some intimacy that nowadays you know how complicated it could be! 

Let’s see if we find some Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s:

  • You have your own space
  • You have a kitchen so you can buy the grocery you need and cook or have tons of drinks and ice cream storage way better than the mini bar
  • If you have small kids, you can always prepare their milk
  • A comun area for everyone
  • Independence
  • Nobody comes inside your room for cleaning while you are out
  • Pay a whole week price ($300.00 per all your family)
  • You may bring your pets with you

The Con’s

  • You have to pick up your trash and fix your bed sheets
  • AC in the room
  • Sharing all your time al together in a small space which will make you to bond ( or get crazy)
  • Pay $60 per day plus a deposit daily for your pets


So  once more Hotel or House? For me is clear that the best option is the house, mostly if you are staying more than 3 days in arrow. If what you are planning is to stay 2 days, Hotel might be the right option for you.

Also another thing I forgot to mention, sometimes the place you want to go is full or there are no Hotels in the area, so the chance to rent a house it could be easier. 

Travelling in this time of the year you need to be prepared to be hydrated all day long, because the sun, would be out for so many hours! You know in Spain we have 4 more hours of light, so that means it stars to become night time aroun 9:50 pm

We rented this beautiful house in Zalea, a very small town with very friendly people, quiet area, near Andalusian white towns, mountains and beautiful landscapes, 30 minutes away from Malaga City and, the beach.

There is so many places to visit and stay and is so much worth it to rent a house instead that an hotel, here I will be posting several destinations for the travelers, the families with kids (like myself), business affairs, campers, hotels, restaurants and so many more!


So you can travel in a budget or with extra cash but to get a little bit an idea or things you can do and stay at!


Happy travelling!



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