How to survive traveling with kids?



A guide to travel in train with kids in Spain

A complete guide on your train trip in Spain…


Travel with kids could be a hassle, what about if you are traveling in train in another country like Spain? At this moment I’m staying in Spain for couple of months, and I was invited to travel to the south of Spain! At first the idea was driving around 1000 kms, with stops of course, because traveling with kids and no AC is something you can not do for a whole day because you won’t survive!


So if you are traveling go to the train station website (if is in Spain is call Renfe) and get some tickets. (It’s usually cheaper online but the website is not smart phone friendly). I was traveling with my two children and a dog ( also included 1 luggage, car seat and stroller) is that much? Not really when travelling with minors.


Lucky the train ticket is free under 2, the cons about this, is your child must be on top on you all the way… so here are some tips to bring with you for the train:

  • bring some snacks because the cafeteria on site is twice the price, some water, crackers and sweets. Wipes and pampers.
  • Something to keep your child to be busy… like download some cartoons on netflix, later when you are offline can watch them and no need of WIFI. This is great!! It helps a lot.

For my kids I usually choose some cartoons, other with music so he can go singing and some apps while he plays he learns.

  • Take a break. Walk all the way to the cafeteria, stretch your legs, and it would help your kids too, go to the bathroom, and when people next to you leave… get the extra seats to get able to sit comfy even if is only for less than an hour,
  • and try to sleep it will make the trip much shorter!!


If you are interested to know how much for a small dog is usually the 20% of the flexible ticket! Which you need to have it on a carrier or just a fabric bag.


Travelling is always an adventure but twice when you go with your family. And keep present there is not much space for luggage, the stroller or backpacks can always go on top of your seat.


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