Roadtrip to home

a mountain with a white town in center

Tomorrow I’m going back to home. I have been staying two weeks in the little town my Mom chose to live her days in a quiet environment and wonderful climate, is in the south of Spain, in a small village near this wonderful town called Pizarra, in Malaga province.

white town in andalusia

There is actually many things to do around this area, but to be honest, I have been happy staying home, and using her garden. My son has played hours with dirt, plants, cars and whatever came to his mind. He has taken 2 showers daily 😉

We are really close to different towns in the area, one prettier than the other, little tiny white towns, the mountains are green because of the temperature, when everyone is cold I was wearing t-shirts.

If you are in a tight budget, you just take your car and drive around, and in the towns, with just taking a pair of beers and some tapas, believe me you are all set.

We were doing geocaching on the area, and honestly we ended up in a beautiful town called Casarabonela, parked the car and walk around.

Get into this Bar-restaurant and ordered 2 beers a pineapple juice and 2 tapas, 1 dish of paella that was a big plate and we paid 10€.

Is a fun way to spend weekends, enjoying the sunny day, the breeze, and the family but is getting to an end. It makes me a little sad, because my Son has enjoyed the garden, he had the freedom to play, get dirty, laugh and actually talking a bit more.

kid playingoutinthesun
Coco playing out

And now we are going back to the city, to the apartment, the big walls, the grey streets, rainy and windy days…

And back to the daycare, where he will get sick, from other kids. 🙁

I also look at my dog, which she´s so happy outside just laying for hours under the sun.

Dog sunbathing
Gala Sunbathing

And we are driving back 890 kms. Last time I did it in one time. It wasn’t bad. I love to drive, however when I went to bed, every time I closed my eyes, all I saw was the road, and felt like I was going to crash.

So this time we are taking it slow, 4 hours at a glance.

When you travel in your car, what gps do you use? I usually being using google maps.

But on the past, I used to check everything in the michelin guide, so I looked in the AppStore and I found there is the gps app called ¨viamichelin¨ and it is so worth it!

When it opens you set the address you are traveling to, like we are in Pizarra and we want to go to Tarragona.

Then it ask what car do you have, if diesel or regular gas, what route do you want, the faster, shorter, discovery, economic or recommended.

via michelin app showing settings

Calculates the tolls, the price of the gas and the hours until your destiny, and at the bottom you can mark gas station and it will appear on the maps.

The discovery route is ideal if you are enjoying of the road and want to see all the castles of the area. I would do it if I were driving a camper van.

map route from viamichelinapp
ViaMichelin route

If you haven´t try I really recommend it!! Try and let me know!

Or if you use another one, let me know too!

If you want to see the road with us, you can come too, we will post photos and vid´s in our IG account @momandusblog


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