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Must HAVE APPS IN YOUR PHONE when traveling with kids


The Must Have Apps for your phone, no need to get crazy having a ton of apps that discharge your battery, here is my ultimate 6 Apps, which there are going to use all your gigabites in your phone or heat it up. I know what you think, but is true, now or later your kids are going to take control of your phone or you may need it to kill some time! But… wait, there is no signal…OMG!!! What are you going to do??

Don’t worry offline apps to save you!

Well if you are a Netflix user let me tell you don’t go out of your home without previously downloaded some shows for your kids, a movie, a tv show, just music for baby’s… it’s a life saver! When you are driving and they are so bored asking you for third hundred times… Are we there yet? I heard you… they are super tired and bored and they don’t know how to switch moods and the best way is disconnecting and watching a movie!!



Let’s say you don’t have Netflix, well you can also download some movies in google videos, and you will always have them in your library, but check is downloaded, because sometimes is in the cloud instead of our phone storage! I have three movies there, Moana, (Honestly I totally lost count on how many times I’ve watched, but don’t get tired really love the music, colors and graphics), I also have a 2 more movies, another for the teenager or me if I can’t sleep,,,


Is there any games for kids that you can use offline? Of course it is! I love Best Fiends so much you can play with your kids, switch to one to another to see who really wins next map.


For the little ones I found this wonderful App called MARCO POLO OCEAN and it’s beautiful. It shows you the different animals in the Ocean, like a Fish Tank, there are little puzzles and they repeat all the names, so the children can learn as well.

Bimiboo has a bunch of apps for the little ones, I recently downloaded Baby Phone, is funny with little animals noises, you get to learn numbers and animals noises.

We all know better our kids, and for me this are the Must have apps in my phone I hope sharing what works for me also does for you!

And I left the best to the end, Geocaching, is like the game “ pokemon go” but way better,  in my next post, I explain what it is, and how my kids, and her friends are into that! But let me tell you some so you can check it out… is a Community around the world, where people hide little things, many times, there is only papers where you must sign, but the fan about this is the thrilled of looking something around a park, underneath a rock, hanging in a three or being part of the landscape. If your kids are big, I honestly think they and you will love it, when you open the app, is a map with gps and coordinates .


I forgot to mention Spotify, I have the wonderful plan of three months for 99 cents of dollar. They have so many songs, and playlists, I downloaded Super Simple (which is also a Youtube channel, extremely good) and you can go singing the nursery songs, or just a playlist of trap of your teenager, luckily it also have the option to download it, so you can play everywhere without using your net.


What APPS are better for you? Please Share I would love to hear!! So I can try myself new ones as well!!

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