Teenager request “Freedom”


Have you ever hear your child asking you for more freedom?

I love my daughter but she is getting to that age where everything bothers her. I often ask myself where is my baby girl? Don’t you feel the difference? When She was yours and Mommy-Daughter relationship was the best in the world. You were her hero and no the other way back.

She keeps saying I don’t get her and my times were different (honestly are they so much changed?) Nowadays the only cares about her friends, being cool and popular, stay in the same level of her friends (what I mean is saying words like Sh** or F*** , in  Spanish we have many more and is disgusting) She’s only 14 years Old… I think is important to talk properly no matter with what or who friends she spends time. Also Boys are important (thank God she’s starting now and not earlier).

The other day I went to pick her up to school to take her to the Doctor appointment, at the reception area was a lady who is the mother of one’s of his friends. I ask her if She follows his Son in Social Media, and she told me she prefferred not to do it. ( I’ve seen the kid posting videos smoking weed) So how is possible His Mom doesn’t want to know? Is that a good way to teach your kids?

Are our times so different?

She asks for more freedom, yep… like she doesn’t have it! She thinks when she gets older she’s going to be free, I guess we all have think at one point, be by ourselves, no more Mom or Dad or grandparents and have everything we wanted, so far from reality and once you get to that point life get’s in the fast line… well I can keep going  on and on but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.

I was talking with a friend of mine who is Psychologyst and He was telling about how normal are all my complaints, that this age is like that, but this answer doesn’t work out too much isn’t? It should be some parameter’s I can work on with her.

Looking in the website I found this quote


So generic and so truth. I think somedays are easier another are tougher and whatever you decide to do with your kids require and pound of patience, is not easy. We didn’t know when we decide to become parents, and even if we have help from our parents, still big deals!

And going back to the subject of Freedom, there was nop just less time in the phone and more with the family, just trying to share responsabilities and one step at the time… isn’t it?


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