How to potty training your Son in a week?

potty training in seven days


Potty training with your toddler is a HUGE challange!

I have been a whole month removing THE diaper to my Son… and  let me tell you is not getting easier! Potty Training is a mess in all senses!

When I think about Daughter I don’t recall taking so long, but they are different kids, I don’t know if the gender makes thing easier either… I sit my son and 20 seconds later he is getting up…

However this change is making him anxious, and he’s getting to hold his pee and poop, which all that’s happening is making this process harder than it should be.


Is it possible potty training at the beach?


EXPLICIT CONTENT BEWARE (I’m trying no to be gross, skip to the next paragraph) ↴↴

….I was concerned he didn’t do #2 in the whole day, so I took him to the beach next day, he played with sand, play with the ball, went up and down on the dunes, swim until we were exhausted playing near the water with some pebbles and he was not happy, his belly was in pain and started grabbing me hard and crying at the same time… after like 5 minutes (it felt like longer) he pushed a monster… you can imagine but HUGE for that little thing… after that he was relieved…

 We were on this beach by the sea are pebbles, and round black and brown rocks, so before I got the chance to grab it a huge wave came and make it disappeared in front of my eyes… couldn’t figure it out were it went until I saw a man who was walking step on it 6 foot away… OMG!!

I felt so embarrassed, lucky me he was talking loud about having dogs in the beach was definitely not a good idea for that reason… I’ m always prepared but some times external outcomes make things easier or a lot harder… how’s that saying….If they give you lemons, then you need to learn how to make lemonade!

Are you still waiting for a magical solution to potty train?pottytraintips

There isn’t because every kid is different, however there are some tips you get on the way, it may be able to work it may not, I guess no other way without trying and keeping an eye on the needs of your kids.

  • So I learned that when I drop him to daycare, I also left a bag of 4 -5 pants and a pair of crocs, because the shoes and the socks come soaking wet as well.
  • While we are at home, no diaper or pants on ( I don’t really like it but I like less to wash 4 pants every day, plus the floor).
  • Everytime he says Pipi I run with him to the bathroom (many are fake alerts)
  • I tried to sit him with a book so he can relax and get into the doing…
  • If I see him suffering for number 2, I’m sorry but diaper goes back in, (is he feels the need and feel comfortable on his pamper, that will do for us)
  • I think is important to support him and sometimes making he feel ashamed of doing on the diapers we are contributing to the problem but this is my personal opinion.

We all have our clock and we have different things that work for us. (Some people needs to smoke a cigarette, others drinks coffee, read while there are on it, and some switch the light off).

Just try to be patient and supportive and enjoy the ride and the experiences on the way!

If you have funny experiences, feel free to share them!!!



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