Bloody Eye balls DIY for Halloween

bloody eyeballs decor
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Are you afraid of bloody eye balls?

Is this time of year again… I honestly think I like way more Halloween than Christmas, althoug Halloween in United States is the best, going out with your kids trick or treat on your neighborhood, get decorations inside and out your house, choosing customes for family and kids, some DIY’s, food spooky decorations!!! Is a blast!

I’m an american girl who lives in Spain at this moment and I’m telling you I miss so much this Holiday. Luckyly for me here is becoming a Holiday as well ( In Spain they have many holidays not the ones from the whole country but every state, or city have their own celebrations) which is fun but at the same time too many!

I was checking my favourite web site for DIY’S…. Pinterest!!! That’s right! And I was looking to do something fun with my toddler… I got some scary eye balls and look for some ideas, and it came another to my brain. I remembered that the diapers, yes if you cut half open you will find the “cotton like” as known as sodium polyacrylate crystals once you wet them, it becomes a gel and it helps to have in place the plastic spooky eye balls.

So Here are the steps for this Bloody Eye balls Glass


1 diaper (up to 3 containers)


red food coloring


glitter optional




Open in half the diaper, pull the “cotton like”  and insert in Container



2- Add water (all way to half, it grows), glitter, and red food coloring

bloody eyes

3-Move with a spoon  until it seem homogeneous and add the eye balls, then add more water and close the lid.


Give 20 minutes, it will grow. You can add some decorations on the lid if you feel like it! This is a great and easy, mess free activity for you and your kid this Halloween!!!


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