Second opinion a life-changing decision in health-care?


A second opinion will give me same answer? I found myself as a mother of a toddler, that everytime my son is sick, is always same issues, that makes me wonder, if they really know what they are doing? How can we trust? Is something we can request every time we are in doubt?

How often do you ask or request a second opinion?

Let me tell you why I ask you this.

Today I took my Son to the hospital, he had fever all day but it doesn’t get lower than 38*C (almost 102 *F) and as you know when the dark comes temperature raises up.

I checked him up and was already 39,5 so next stop the Hospital.

While I was waiting in line to admission (nobody was in front of me) just the receptionist talking with her coworker like I wasn’t there, my Son burning and these ladies chit chatting like no line was.

I really hate, HATE.. when people act like we are invisible. I don’t want to be there…

Who wants to be at the Hospital?? At least make eye contact, let the person in line know about “your change of shift” this is ER… not waiting for a burger.

How long did it take?

Once inside the nurse checks his vitals, fever… and clean up his nose with sodium chloric.

Doctor came by, check his chest (two days before, her Doctor told us he has bronchitis, -had a horrible cough and you can hear him having trouble to breath- and we got salbutamol).

Doctor tells me he has Otitis, (ear infection) and now send amoxicillin (which last week when I visited ER, the could send it as well to avoid coming three times).

Total amount of time spent: less than 2 hours, lucky me!

So here we are on bed, I listen to his breath, checking fever several times, keeping an eye on him all the time.

As a Mom I want the best for my Son. Reason why is a MUST if you’re in doubt to request another point of view.

second-opinion-healthcare a baby with fever sleeping in her mom chest appears.
Sleepy with fever

Last year he was diagnosed with orine infection, we had to stay at the Hospital for a whole week.

After 5 days, Doctor told me the cultive of the orine never arrived to the lab so my Son was taking medicine for what? Not to mention all different test’s and not clue!

And we are talking simple stuff, no something very serious. So How can I believe a word of these Doctor’s are saying? if everytime is something different?

Have you ever had that situation? What do you do?

When I was pregnant of my boy, my Doc in Florida found this weird syndrome (an extra chromosome, he was going to be sterile and be little more feminine, like no beard, things like that) the Doctor was giving me a date for an abortion. :O

I was in shock and I just couldn’t believe it, (true I was 35 years old as soon as you get older many things can happen to your body and your baby). Of course we fought it and we had a second opinion.

A referral to the Baptist Hospital where they did all the “stranger things or dangerous disease ever known in a baby’s test’s”. We had good news!

second opinion in healtcare a Doctor's uniform appears

 It’s a habit for the doctor to scare you, to inflate only the medical bill?

I honestly think is a strategy to fill some pockets! Because 12 years ago in another state happened the same with my daughter!

(I never stay quiet, we are talking about our health, so I don’t see wrong asking for a second opinion, at the end, we still adding charges to our medical bill)

she was supposed to be Down Syndrome, Health is not a game and of course emotions, appears Doctor’s aren’t human anymore!

I went back to my Son Doc (due to the past with this Hospital), she didn’t find Bronchitis, neither ear infection her answer was something VIRAL!

So it has passed two days, no more fever, and getting better for whatever… he has… had…

Please share with me if you had situation similar and what have you done?

Here I drop some important information regarding this matter, if you want to request a Second Opinion, I invite you to check here.


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