Is half of an onion a cure to sleep without coughing?

Half of an Onion best home remedy known…

It may be crazy but it actually works!


Have you ever heard this? Well seems is working.  Every other day with mocus, cough and vomiting, high temperature and I was just crazy. I visited ER like 4 times and everytime Doctors said something like is a Virus! So I took the advice of Grandma home remedy with what i have on the fridge an ONION!! That’s right is a natural home remedy! What you need to do is to cut half onion ( it could be any kind) and place it near your child, a nigth stand, under the crib, you name it!

That’s why tonight I put half of an onion and so far he had cough some but now is better. Appears that the onion makes cry the throat and this avoids the coughing it also brings humidity in the room which is what we are looking when we have a cough. the cons about this is the smell in the room, honestly is worth it and to clear the air, just open the windows! Remember home remedy’s it may not be the best, but sometimes we have to work with what we have at home.

So if your kid or yourself can’t sleep because you are coughing all the time, give it a try. Grab an onion it could be a yellow one, or any, cut it in half and put it on the night stand or under the baby’s crib, close but not soo much. (like not ideal underneath your pillow) LOL

Is not a cure but it totally helps!

Another thing, if your throat is itching too much, get a spoon of honey it will calm for at least 20 minutes until you fall asleep!

Those are just little tips I came across as being a mother, I hope it helps you too!!

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