Christmas in Spain are the best!

barcelona christmas decorations

Why is that? Probably because Christmas in Spain are all the way until December 6th and the streets get ready for the lights, and is time to shop around with family, check the stores, drink hot chocolat. Plus everyday there is something to do.

In Malaga (South of Spain), light decorations are beautiful, is like a screen of lights and music every hour, from 6 to 9pm. And people from all over goes to see them, every year is something different!

If you want to see it, just check the video!!

Also in Madrid, all big streets have beautiful blue decorations, that seems stars falling from the sky! Just beautiful!

Christmas light decorations from Madrid, christmas in spain

In Spain we are still in Christmas… waiting for the three kings to arrive with the gifts for baby Jesus. Everyday we go to different parts of the city to meet with one of the many workers of the Kings to give a away our letters (the helpers are called PAJES).

Later on the evening of December 5th the three Wise Kings, arrive in helicopter instead of camels ( since they coming from far East, Camels are too tired), and since they are Magic Kings, Helicopters is the best entrance to all the kids that are waiting for their presents!

Depending on the city, they come one way or another… but were I live, this is the usual! So imagine all the kids looking to the sky and watch three kings, Melchor, Baltasar and Gaspar with their shiny clothes, long bears, and crowns! It’s a spectacle for children and grown ups!

three kings watching the city

Before they get to walk the town, they usually visit the kids at the hospitals, to bring their gifts and after that, they get ready to walk around the town with big fantasie carriages, full of candy and on the back of them bags filled with all the letters they have received all over the christmas times.

First stop goes to the City Hall where the governor welcome then to the city and they share smiles and greet everyone from the balcony.

And now is time to walk the streets, all kind of people get together on the streets, so they can see the Three kings, each of them in one carriage with the PAJES (helpers) who help throw candy’s.

Several years ago the candys become not hard candy, because more than once, instead of being a sweet gift, ended up in someones eye… so now are like gummy candy, and sugar free, so everyone can have a candy at the end of the night.

Is a great time to spend with family, kids, and make new friends, there is so many people waiting for them to arrive that you get to talk to everyone. If you want to know more about traveling with kids, don’t forget to check this link where I talk about it!

And usually for this time of the year, gets colder around 4 C grades, like 40 F. If you ever come to Spain for this season, ask me!!! All the towns and cities around Spain celebrate this holiday.

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