Blogging and Shopify a way out for a non working mom?

flurry friends halloween

Blogging and Shopify?

You may want to know what it’s that?

Well let me tell you a bit of my situation at this moment:

I had to say the last 8 months have been difficult to me, getting a divorce after only four years, with 2 kids, 11 years apart from each other, start in a new country where yes I have family but can’t really ask for much, and without being able to get a job, even if is part time. And yes the daddy of my youngest don’t help. (Does that surprises you?) (And either the goverment).

Working and living in a new Country could be tricky…

I can not tell you that those life changes haven’t take a toll on my life, on my heart, deep in my smile, because they had and it’s taking me some time to get back in track. I live in a country where having 37 years old, makes you an “old person”, all they want is young people, or less than 30 years old.

Plus when you go to apply for a job, it is mandatory to have a picture on your resume.  (I may gained some weight in these months) but I still think I’m good to look at. In U.S would be inadmissible. 

So here I’m debating into blogging about kids, and traveling tips, and all around what I know about, of what a Mom can I be!

Sometimes people who loves you, abandons you as well, but like the Idioms says..every cloud has a silver lining..

Reason why I try to keep learning new things, I may need the method to implement in this routine of having a blog, and being able to get some dollars, not to be rich, but to provide for my family and at the same time reaching up to you if you may be in the same situation or worst, that We need to start working and fighting, because falling’s not the difficult part but hard to rise!


So I thought to give a try to Dropshipping while I’m taking care of my Son, which now we are Potty Training, definitely a next post about that!!! Maybe you guys can give me some tips!!


Dropshipping seems very easy to do… I think it was easy to set up, cost me only $29. (Hope to get it back with benefits) 🙂

I put a shopify store of pet supplies… because I has to be of something that I’m passionate about it… and I’m a pet lover and why not?

Here comes Halloween and I decided to call it “FLURRY FRIENDS HALLOWEEN” I’ll let you the link for you to check it out!

Just open my store and I’m already have an event of an Online Pet Halloween Contest, even if I don’t get to sell anything, that makes me happy so please follow my page in facebook!!!

flurry friends halloween

halloween online pets contest

This post  have an affiliate ads, that means if you click and get to buy anything from that Ad I will receive a small percent, while the Shopify link goes straight to an online store, where I own all about Our Flurry Friends, Dogs and cats halloween customes and pet’s supplies.


I promise that after 14 days I will tell you how the Shopify Store does, the money I had to spend to promote and if I get any income! And If I do anything… I’ll promise to keep you posted in how I did it.


So Stay tune and subscribe to my blog!


And if you want to participate in the Halloween Pet Costume Contest, don’t forget to like the page, and share! Thank you!!No publisher ID given




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