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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you subscribe and like it.

The idea came by with my daughter of 10 years old. We were expecting, my second child, her first and only brother so we started making videos, vlogging about everything. And we have a lot of videos in our cloud of silly things… full of mementos for the baby who is already 26 months old and for us too.

Time has flew and life keep going on, so here I came by to share a little bit of me and what a being a Mom means to me…

I see a lot of Mom’s working from home,  getting some money, attention on Pinterest and youtuber influencer, which means is not easy being in this department of technologies, because there is a lot of research and believe me, so much time goes away…. look at me finally I decided to try and jump into the pool.

This will be like a Journal in “how to” and also a learning experience for me as well.

So my name is Priscyla, I was born in Florida, raised in a wonderful country that now dies from hunger and bad politics that is Venezuela, and lived between Spain and USA. I love both countries. So forget me if the way I write is not totally correct.  Wait until you hear my accent!

I haven’t work in a job for the last year. I´m getting divorce now and struggling to get back on my feet reason why I also put myself in here.

I had take many courses in how to make a blog, website, working on my IG and Pinterest, following communities in FB and so on.  I´m working in this pdf, sharing how I get to choose the right tools for this blog and I was able to make other websites, using free tools to all of us.

If you want to check the sites I have created, one is a page for a Psychologist 

Cultural Blog

Personal travel Blog

These are under $20 bucks, the first two I only paid the domain name. Write me if you want me to tell you how I did it.

You will be getting more info about me with this blog. I’ll try to be fun! If you like it, please subscribe!

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